Events on Ten can accommodate all of your workforce needs in a modern and stylish setting away from all distractions in our penthouse floor suite space. Located in the heart of Monroeville, right off of Business Route 22, this location is centralized for fast access from all surrounding areas and is perfect for accommodating small or large employee gatherings comfortably seating up to 130 guests.

We understand the excellence and professionalism your corporate event requires, and we utilize top of the line polished and professional facilities equipped with high quality audio and video options in our flexible meeting space.

Bright, modern, and sunlit spaces with natural lighting encourage fresh perspective and creative thinking for employees!

Revitalize morale and get out of the office and traditional conference center for your next corporate event:

– Business meetings
– Company trainings
– Conferences
– Conventions
– Colloquiums
– Retreats
– Seminars
– Symposiums
– Team Building
– Workshops (with breakout spaces)
…and more!

Our corporate offering packages include options for:
❖ Use of two remote-operated ceiling drop-down EPSON projectors. Simply plug in your flash drive to display your presentations!
❖ Cordless microphone(s) equipped with crystal clear surround sound audio across 13 arial speakers spread throughout the entire event space so no one will miss a word no matter where they are seated!
❖ Full commercial kitchen space to accommodate catering needs and a beautiful marble bar/serving area!
❖ Open free parking layout!

Contact us for bookings and inquiries to bring your vision to life today!